What is Personal Development Coaching?

It’s that time when deeper questions become more important:

  • Am I the person I want to be?

  • Do I enjoy each day?

  • Am I the man or woman I want to be?

  • Do I treat those is my life with love, honor and respect?

  • Am I doing what matters most each day?

The answers can be simple, when you know where to look…

Like most things we do, practice makes perfect. You have had success in your career,  raising a family,  in the financial world; things have been pretty good. Yet, something is still missing… let me help you find it. We are here to succeed, have fun and to grow as a spiritual beings…  as a spiritual life coach I offer guidance and direction on your  Soul Journey.

Who are my clients?

  • Successful 50+ professionals transitioning into a Leadership-Sage role

  • Parents and teachers who invite more patience and compassion in their relationships

  • Coaches who want to delve deeply into their personal and spiritual lives and become even more for their clients

Your relationships with others, your future, money, success and all other relationships depend on     1 thing: Your relationship with yourself!

And that’s just the beginning. Things just keep getting better.

We are all on a spiritual journey on within this physical existence… 

Who do you use as your guide?

Let’s work together!  Visit my Contact page and let’s schedule a free consult!

 Why “Truly Human” Coaching?

We humans are physical beings on a spiritual journey… our purpose is to continue to grow to be the divine beings we are. We have chosen our physical existence as a path to learn particular life lessons. What are you learning? What do you want to learn? I’ve worked magic with clients since 1981 … and include such coaching work as described by Shiela Baker in her article: “How a Modern Shaman Retrieves Souls.”.

The work of a shaman today, as in the past, is to help connect the spiritual world with the mundane, to heal old wounds within, to find balance and harmony and to bring dreams from the world of spirit into our lives. By making these connections, we enjoy a creative and fruitful life, dance the dance of joy and become part of the solution of harmoniously living on Earth.

Truly Human Coaching arose from the passion and compassion I feel for all of us, particularly our children (your children and our “inner children”). I dream that every child in the world feels loved, wanted and safe every single day. That would mean that all of us adults would be acting in ways that model this loving, this compassion, this integrity and responsibility for our impact.

     I have great compassion for the loss of spirit and soul connection, the denial of emotions,…the denial of self that our society, culture and very existence demands of us. I live to awaken your soul and spirit, to help you come alive and love this glorious life… for your wishes and dreams to come true.

Our very “Human-ness” depends on our connection with ourselves and others. Every relationship we have is a reflection of the one we have with ourselves… I’ve made it my mission to help people connect with what is Truly Human in them; to love often, and to live their great life in joy, with full intention, expression and participation!


Inviting you… Jim@TrulyHumanCoaching.com

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