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 Kindness, compassion, love…Words not often associated with ‘business’ or ‘sales’.

Kindness, compassion, love…

Words always connected with relationship.


 Keynote Speeches

…because nice matters

Kindness, Compassion, Love. Words not often associated with Business, Profit and Sales
Yet…Kindness, Compassion & Love are Always associated with Relationships
…and are we not in the business of building and maintaining healthy, successful relationships?
Inspire your people to bring their heart and soul into their work. This 45-60 minute Inspirational Keynote will open up resources that are virtually untapped! Why? …because nice Does matter!

Instant Rapport

Building Rapport in 60 seconds or less!

Are you aware of the hundreds of ways you influence others outside of our own awareness? How do some people seem to ‘naturally’ feel right to you, while with others you seem to just ‘not connect’?

It’s all about rapport… Every day we shower, dress and put on our ‘social self’ to go out into the business world.

Be entertained while learning powerful tools of master hypnotists to build rapport with anyone in 60 seconds or less!

Moments of Truth

24 hours in a day; 168 hours in a week… that’s all the TIME we have.
How do you want to use your time? Think about your fondest memories, your most favorite of
times… what made those moments special? And today, what really matters to you?

AND… are you using your time to make what matters a priority?
During this 45-60 minute keynote, your audience will be immersed in a calvacade of experience to create moments that matter most to them… every day!
Tired of hiring “outside speakers” who don’t connect with you or your people?
Let Jim help! These speaking events consistently gets an astounding 98% plus satisfaction rating from attendees!
Warning: All of Jim’s keynotes and training programs are fun and interactive. Side effects may include increased optimism, increased productivity, much more smiling, a joy for life and learning how to create much more fun everyday!


 Available Workshops!

Introduction to NLP: The Structure of Subjective Experience

In this introductory NLP™ workshop you will learn the NLP™ model of subjective experience and many NLP™ tools that have led to the unlimited success of thousands, including:

The NLP™ model of subjective experience
How to use your physiology to change your emotional state
How to calibrate others internal states for optimal rapport
How to catapult your communication by identifying particulars in everyday language patterns
….and have all your NLP™ questions answered!

NLP and the Structure of Beliefs

Beliefs are generalizations we humans create about causes, meaning and boundaries in the world we live in. They are in fact our map, our reality.

*Working with beliefs is often at the core of significant life change work*

In this two day workshop:

Learn the structure of how humans create beliefs
Explore and challenge some of your own limiting beliefs
Learn how to identify belief structures in others
Learn how to overcome limiting beliefs
Learn specific language patterns that support limiting beliefs
Learn to create beliefs that empower and attract you

NLP Fundamentals

-Gain basic skills and knowledge of NLP; learn the power of unconscious rapport; gain varied perspectives on situations to provide new insights and solutions; improve your ability to gain rapport and influence; understand the power of language and how we create meaning in our lives. This is a 2 day introduction to the magic of NLP.

Communication Excellence

-An outstanding course to learn the fundamentals of excellence in communication, rapport and influence. This is a 2 day course allowing participants to master communication in the precise areas in their lives which mean the most. Learn to create states in yourself and others and how to master the art of rapport. 

Influencing with Integrity

Learn to influence others through others gently and with full integrity. In this highly participative workshop learn the subtleties of unconscious rapport and influence while being in full integrity. Learn how to use your genuine desire to build great relationships to create to catapult your ability to join and connect with others. .. Offered as a 3 hour introduction and an advance 2 day workshop.

Meta Model: Language Patterns

-Learn precision language techniques, master the art of inquiry and how to gain information that you never thought possible. Designed specifically for the professional communicator who depends on accurate information to get results and achieve outcomes. Learn to avoid common language and inquiry pitfalls, gain insight into the overall process as well as the details needed for precision language. 

The Language of Influence-Hypnotic Language Patterns

-Learn the language patterns that started a revolution in the way professional communicators get remarkable results! Learn how to use hypnotic language patterns of the masters, get results through normal conversational, designed for sales, and service professionals, managers and leaders alike. If you desire a command of effective language and work with people in any manner, this workshop is for you.



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About Jim

I love coaching, I’ve been at it unofficially most of my life. Certified since 2003, my clients are successful adults from around the country, most in their 50’s. Their lives are changing and they want more for their selves, something bigger, something deeper.

I spend  my weekdays teaching 4-5 year olds…I love it, they are a busy bunch!  It is such a joy to be among those curious, ever learning beings; a teachers dream for me and just a different type of coaching.

My Spiritual life is deep, I have included more detail at the bottom of this page. Most recently I have been an active apprentice shaman with The Deer Tribe Merit Metis society. My way of life and thinking is intregal in my work with clients. I help my clients connect with the voices of their higher selves, future selves… and often to connect with their own life force and soul.

My daily activities include focused meditation, nutritious delicious food (sometimes just plain bad food too, in moderation!), learning projects, working with children, training and playing with my dogs, Wing Tsun Kung Fu practice, some cool crime show or movie, reading, writing and intimate time with by beloved.

I’m married to magnificent woman, Connie. Our lives have woven together in such beautiful ways. We live our work and grow our love even more. We chat daily, spend times together every week, learn, love, grow and share.

We share 3 beautiful dogs: Ripples our Portuguese Water Dog and Karma & Duke our Australian Shepards.

 Why “Truly Human” Coaching?

I believe we humans are physical beings on a spiritual journey… our purpose is to continue to grow to be the divine beings we are. We have chosen our physical existence as a path to learn particular life lessons. What are you learning? What do you want to learn? I’ve worked magic with clients since 1981 … and include such coaching work as described by Shiela Baker in her article: “How a Modern Shaman Retrieves Souls.”.

The work of a shaman today, as in the past, is to help connect the spiritual world with the mundane, to heal old wounds within, to find balance and harmony and to bring dreams from the world of spirit into our lives. By making these connections, we enjoy a creative and fruitful life, dance the dance of joy and become part of the solution of harmoniously living on Earth.

So Truly Human Coaching arose from the passion and compassion I feel for all of us, particularly the children. I dream that every child in the world feels loved, wanted and safe every single day. That would mean that all of us adults would be acting in ways that model this loving, this compassion, this integrity and responsibility for our impact.

I have great compassion for the loss of spirit and soul connection, the denial of emotions,…the denial of self that our society, culture and very existence demands of us.  I live to awaken your soul and spirit, to help you come alive and love this glorious life… for your wishes and dreams to come true.
Our very “Human-ness” depends on our connection with ourselves and others.  Every relationship we have is a reflection of the one we have with ourselves… I’ve made it my mission to help people connect with what is Truly Human in them; to love often, and to live their great life in joy, with full intention, expression and participation!

More about Jim:

What are my soul journey and life lessons? Happy to share, you’ve come this far!

I am an Enneagram Type 2 – The Helper  Other “Type Two’s” are: Mother Theresa, Desmond Tutu, Eleanor Roosevelt and Bill Cosby. The information regarding Enneagram type is tremendous, I suggest it to all who wish clarity.   My Life Lessons are related to: Love, Character, Spirituality, Emotion and I like to think Healing and Teaching. The latter was recently confirmed in my learnings through The Dear Tribe Merit Medicine Society  ( and more specifically through their references to SunBear’s Native American Astrology. ( A large part of our coaching together will have to do with finding your Soul’s journey and life lessons. I have a passion for effective, for what works, I always have. From my early years as an undergraduate student searching for the absolute best education to help me to help others. I found it at George Williams College: a combination direct social work/counseling psychology program. I loved it. It’s where I discovered some of the most effective theraputic models I still use today.  These early learnings include: Humanistic Psychotherapy (vis-a-vis Carl Rogers); Gestalt, NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP™), Family Therapy & Provacative Therapy. During those early years I also completed seperate certification programs in Hypnosis and Systemic Family Therapy.  I was simply having fun, learning and applying all my learning as a high level Addictions Counselor  and Family Therapist during the 1980’s.

*Ever here someone say: “Damn, here I am again!!”  You may have said it yourself.  That’s because you’re right back where you need to be to learn the lesson/s you are here to learn.

In 2003 I published my first book: Getting What You Want – The Art of Living on Purpose  Click on it, download it for free!  It’s simple, short, fun, easy to read and all about how You can create Your Great Life! It starts with our thinking, our attitude and making choices.. then there’s simple exercises for you to Get Into Action and get what you want.
And if your still not getting what you want after the book, please do write ( or call (847-208-2268), I can help and I want to help you.
Once we step off of the merry-go-round and notice our lessons, we can take the steps and learn from our lessons, becoming more truly who we are.  Join me, let’s create your magnificent life!
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4 – Your Relationships

“Sharing the Journey”

Personal Coaching is very personal and spiritual journey.  You are exploring and changing beliefs which have been outside your level of consciousness; Way to GO!  What you learn, how you apply it, the changes you will be making will have an effect on those around you. 

Your changes will ‘bump up against’ those closest to you, it is important to include them in our work!

Those closest to you will be living with the changes you are making; they will be part of the process simply by their proximity to you!  Part of our design will focus on how you intentionally include them in the change process.  As we work together, you will come to know that it is ultimately up to you to be intentional about how you create your life, including how you create it with others.

Here area a few articles that will help you identify some ‘relationship issues that have been perpetuated in our culture.  Please take some time to read them…they are area’s you may want to include in our coaching. 

Relationship Articles

* forms coming soon*

Secret Selves and Triggers: Having reactions are normal, failing to do something about them is choice. Our reactions are our own, not the fault or blame of anyone outside ourselves. This article normalizes the notion of ‘triggers and buttons’ and points toward a solution. My coaching has a strong theme of honoring ALL parts of ourself; this article discusses this along with personal responsibility. Courtesy of The Center for Right Relationship.

Shares-Questions-Requests: An excellent outline to structure difficult conversations. A couple coaching call to rehearse these skills is highly recommended.

Wheel of Relationship: An excellent form of the Wheel of Life, designed specifically for relationships. Go ahead; you and your honey give it a whirl? How do you score? Courtesy of The Big Groove Coaching.

2-Discovering Our Shadows

“The great epochs in our lives are at the points when we gain the courage to rebaptize our badness as the best in us.”   -Friedrich Nietzsche


People seek personal growth or professional help when the pain or burden feels heavy, too much to carry alone. The work with our shadow selves is about discovering and accepting those parts of ourselves that, because we have denied them, are running our lives much like the man behind the curtain in “The Wizard of Oz”.

 Often these shadow selves are destroying our relationships, killing our spirit and keeping us from living a life we love. We have been taught to ‘hide’ these parts of ourselves…they don’t ‘fit in’ in our families, in our schools, in our culture. And in the hiding, we come to believe that there is something wrong with us…something we must hide… 

We are beautifully human and have nothing to hide! 

When we deny parts of ourselves, we give them our power…I say, take your power back! Learn about what’s going on ‘behind the curtain’! This process is not about getting rid of what you don’t like about yourself, instead, finding the positive aspects of these parts, accepting them and integrating them into our lives by choice.

 “The best political, social, and spiritual work we can do is to withdraw the projection of our shadow onto others.”  Carl Jung


Below I offer some information and a series of user friendly articles to help you apply such concepts as “Shadow” and “Ego” to your own life…it is yours so do EVERYTHING you ever wanted to…and then some!  

The following excerpts are from an article on the Shadow written by Rebeca Eigen printed in the Indigo Sun in the August 1999 issue and an edited version was reprinted in Conscious Living Magazine in their Winter Issue 2000.

The Shadow

“The Shadow, is a psychological term introduced by the late Swiss psychiatrist, Dr. Carl G. Jung. It is everything in us that is unconscious, repressed, undeveloped and denied. These are dark rejected aspects of our being as well as light, so there is positive undeveloped potential in the Shadow that we don’t know about because anything that is unconscious, we don’t know about.

The Shadow is an archetype. And what an archetype simply means is that it is typical in consciousness for everyone. Everyone has a Shadow. This is not something that one or two people have. We all have a Shadow and a confrontation with the Shadow is essential for self awareness. We cannot learn about ourselves if we do not learn about our Shadow so therefore we are going to attract it through the mirrors of other people.”

“Whatever is rejected from the self, appears in the world as an event.
If you disown a part of your personality, it’ll materialize as an unexpected detour.” Carl Jung




Relationship Answers

Welcome to Truly Human Coaching the

“Right Relationship”™

Improve your relationships in just 10 minutes!

         Are You:

  • Having trouble communicating?

  • Frustrated, angry, at ‘wits end’?

  • Saying things you regret to those you care for most?

  • Missing something in your relationship?

  • Finding yourself in the middle of relationship conflicts?

  • Issues again and asking Why?

  • Wanting more emotional intimacy? Sexual intimacy? Spiritual Intimacy?

Call or write for a free consultation now!  847-208-2268

Read my free article: Love is a Verb-Using the 5 Love Languages

  • Do you want the marriage intimacy and sexual intimacy you once had?

  • Missing the romance, walks, holding hands, intimate times together?

  • Life has taken over and you can’t find time for each other?

  • Dreams have faded, you’re beginning wonder, maybe even lose hope.

 Building Authentic Relationships

Free sample / information sessions!

Call for your Free sample session! 847-748-8006

What is Relationship Coaching?

Relationship Coaching is the process in which a coach participates with all the individuals in the system at the same time, to consciously create powerful intentional “right relationship”. Thus, ‘right relationship’ refers to the conscious, intentional creation and maintenance of the relationship. Consciousness allows us to be aware of what is happening in a given situation. Intentionality lets us be at choice in how we respond.

Relationship Coaching focuses on what is trying to happen in the relationship. It is not about who is doing what to whom” but what is trying to happen. Within this approach is the inherent belief there is a natural unfolding and great potential in healthy relationships.

We all live in a sea of connections or “relationships” with other people, objects, nature, and our own past and future. We are impacted by and through these relationships everyday. “No person is an island. We are all part of complex systems such as families, business partnerships, communities and more.”

Relationship coaching combines Psychology, Sociology, Co-Active Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Systems Theory, Family Therapy, Emotional Intelligence (AI), Organizational Theory and Process work.

What are some fundamentals about relationships coaching?

  1. Everyone is right, at least partly: There is no ‘blame’ in relationship coaching. Everything that each person has to say is “right”. In relationship coaching we believe that there is at least 10% truth in all statements.
  2. Conscious Intention: We are conscious, healthy, resourceful human beings. We can decide how we want to live every moment of every day.
  3. Awareness: one of the primary functions of relationship coaching is helping the system be aware of itself. Once aware, the system then can decide to keep acting certain ways or not. A large part of relationship coaching is revealing of patterns to participants which creates the groundwork for the system to find the answers it needs.
  4. The relationship is the client: The relationship, what it is trying to do and become are the client. The focus of all coaching is the relationship health.
  5. Co-creation: All members of the system are valued, all voices are heard, and all opinions are valid. It is from the people in the system that the relationship is formed, consciously and with full intention of how you want your relationship to be.

Help is a phone call away!!

Call or write for a free consultation now!  847-208-2268

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Personalized NLP Training

Personalized NLP™

Practitioner Program!

Get Certified in NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP™) today!!

Learn exactly like the originators

Practical applications specifically designed for you!

No Travel!

No Hotels!

No week long trip!

Apply NLP™ directly to situations in Your Life!

Done on Your time…Learning while living!

Fun, fun, and oh did I say…FUN!

How can this be?

 **Use this simple tool and Amaze Yourself!!!

The Magic and Power of Their Words**

In the beginning, Richard Bandler and John Grinder taught excellence in communication, change and influence. The did this in the living rooms of friends, they gathered together, practiced, went out into the world, experimented, shared their learning and accelerated their excellence!

…and they became Masters…

How to get started?

  1. Decided you really want to learn NLP
  2. Make the committment to do so
  3. Sign up here
  4. Smile, you’re on the way
  5. Recieve information, scheduled first calls
  6. Begin learning!
  7. Learn more than you ever imagined possible…

 Learn the details of the program here: NLP Certification Programs-Midwest NLP Inc. /Truly Human Coaching

Hypnosis and NLP™ are powerful techniques I use in my coaching – an instrument of satisfying life changes. Truly Human Coaching uniquely combines the benefits of hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP™) to bring you immediate results quickly and easily as well as continued progress creating sustainable life changes. NLP™ and hypnosis quickly improve your thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and beliefs to achieve amazing results! During our coaching relationship, you will learn to use these techniques yourself! As you harness the powers of your unconscious mind, your conscious goals become reality.

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Awakening…Our Coaching Journey

Where are you now and where do you want to go?

“The Journey”

Soul Journey, Spiritual Journey, Personal Life Coach

joining your journey of soul and spirit

The first part of our journey together has started. You are here, reading, thinking, curious. The next part comes after you are done reading, a sample coaching session.  This is where we explore what you want and explore our “fit” as client and coach. As we get started, we build momentum during a discovery period and get started using some of the tools below.

The Discovery:

During the discovery I invite and encourage my clients to learn their Ennegram type. The Ennegram is a valuable tool for those of us who believe we are on a spiritual journey during this physical existence.

Some information about The Enneagram:

The Enneagram is a vast and profound system for learning about yourself and others. Like any profound system, it takes a certain amount of work and time to master its subtleties and complexities. One of the helpful things about the Enneagram, however, is that it starts paying off with valuable insights as soon as you start looking into it. Because the Enneagram is so vast, the following steps may be helpful to pay attention to in order to enter into this complex body of knowledge

  1. Take the Full Enneagram Test (link above).  You will receive your results via email.
  2. Read about your top score or your top 2-3 scores (Normally one score will be higher than the others, other times you many have 2-3 ‘high’ or closely numbered high scores. I will help you interpret your results when we talk)
  3. We can all relate to each of the types. As you read your top score/s, notice which traits in general seem to fit.  I like looking at the “Healthy-Average-Unhealthy” expressions of my ‘type’, it is often the quickest behavioral comparison indicator. NOTE: #5 is the average of average…it does not mean it’s healthy, just average!
  4. In general, the average level functioning is indicative of operating form ego, its’ what most of us learn. You’re in the advanced class now, keep in mind… you’re just starting this class!
  5. For now, I recommend ignoring some of the ‘subtleties’ they talk about: wings, stress and health directions, etc… keep it simple for now, chunk it down J
  6. We’ll talk soon, it all becomes clear through its daily use…

Here are a few more tools we may use in our coaching. Browse as you like!

Tiers of emotions A comprehensive guide to our human emotions; starting from the very top right “Love” the highest emotional frequency learn what emotions you spend the most time with. Use a sample coaching session to learn more about your “tiers” of emotion.

Wheel of Time: A constant request in my work is “Time”; having more, managing it, etc… Use this tool to gain perspective on how you currently use your time, then use it again to map out how you REALLY want to use your time!

Wheel of Life: A constant in my discovery package and client work. A common tool used by most coaches; use it assess your satisfaction in 8 major life areas. Easy & fun! Courtesy of The Coaches Training Institute.

Wheel of Relationship: An excellent form of the Wheel of Life, designed specifically for relationships. Go ahead; you and your honey give it a whirl? How do you score? Courtesy of The Big Groove Coaching.

Compassion_Audio A short 10 minute audio to help as an effective “time-out’ during an angry time.  Listened to for 28 days and you will build renewed compassion towards those you love…including yourself.

Coaching Packages 2010:    Here are my general packages for Personal Life Coaching and Relationship Coaching. All coaching is tailored to the individual or couples needs and co-created prior to starting. If financing is the only issue that is stopping you from coaching, lets talk.


**The Journey is a page-by-page map of various tools I use in our coaching. It provides Personal/Spiritual insight and information about Spirit, Soul, Life Lessons, Relationship Building and Unconditionally Loving You. See the top tabs and review tools and resources my clients use during various stages of our journey together.