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…because nice matters

Nice matters more than most folks might pay attention too…

…most of us are busy taking care of things we’ve made really, really important.


When we take the time to do what we do, let’s all make sure we do what matters most…

…and to make kindness matter  too, it’s up to me and it’s up to you 🙂

…because nice matters

Share something you enjoy – because nice matters…

Share something you enjoy

With others

…because nice matters 🙂


I’ve has some interest in Haiku for some time. One description I like comes from

Haiku poems date from 9th century Japan to the present day. Haiku is more than a type of poem; it is a way of looking at the physical world and seeing something deeper, like the very nature of existence.”

So, because I have some interest and because it’s really nice to share nice things I enjoy with others, I’ll share a few Haiku with you 🙂


Silence brings the sounds

Ever blowing winds



The hum of the energies




Ever-changing, moving when still

Breathing as essence


Dreaming dreams

Becoming larger than you imagined

Smiling contently


Share something you enjoy

With others

…because nice matters 🙂

…because nice matters

Nice matters…especially when crabby is around…

Crabby can show up in so many different ways…

…and in so many different places

…that sometimes

crabby might not even recognize itself!

So, wherever crabby might be,

whether it comes from you or from me…

introduce a generous helping of nice and

watch magic happen…

…because nice matters

…because nice matters


My oh my…it’s been so many days.  Weeks in fact and many of those too.

Just so ya know, everythings still a go, and we’re spreading kind words still the same.

You see

it can be

so simple to be

simply nice

Just because



…because nice matters

“When words are both true and kind,
          they can change our world.”

Asking others how you can be nicer is nice. 

There are those times when even tho I think I’m being nice, well… maybe not so much. And even tho I notice my impact, the only way I absoutely know for sure is to ask those I care about:

“Did I say or do that in a way that felt good?”   …and then listen.

I’m always so glad when those I trust are honest and share… like a bow that needs aiming or a car that needs steering… I get to be better at being nice next time around, which is really nice…

Today and this week I invite you to ask…your beloved wife or husband, your children or parent or a close friend.

“What can I do to let you know you how much I love and appreciate you?”   …and then listen…and then do it…

Even asking is a real big deal…please try it on and give it a whirl.

…because nice matters

Please forward this to someone you care about…because nice matters 

Great Teachers by Meiji Stewart

Great Teachers 

 Awaken hearts and minds. Believe in Possibilities. Challenge you to soar. Dare to care. Enlighten and empower. Foster love and laughter. Get parents involved. Help you do for yourself. Invite and encourage questions. Joyfully embrace diversity. Keep an open mind. Look to catch you doing good. Motivate with compassion. Never give up on you. Open doors to new worlds. Provide a sense of belonging. Quest to make learning fun. Remember what it is like to be you. Stimulate creative self-expression. Take time to explain things. Uncover talents and abilities. Value everyone’s feelings and needs. Welcome mistakes as learning opportunities. Xplore, xperiement and lead by example. Yearn to connect not correct. Zest to build a better world.

…because we are all teachers & we are all students, and-

…because nice matters

…because nice matters (1 year anniversary!)

You must be the change you want to see in the world.” Gandhi

What do you want? 

I want the world to be nicer, to be a place where every child feels loved, wanted, safe and special. So I love often, I’m really nice, I coach others and I write this blog.

 Making the world a nicer place… well, it just seems like a good idea. It’s a fit, it’s clear and rings true.

As a spiritual life coach I often ask folks: “What is the impact you are having on the world?” Because in some way or another, Me,You, We are always having an impact on others and in your world.

What impact do you want to have?

Perhaps being nice can be one of them? Except, you gotta do it on purpose.

  • It’s Easy
  • It’s Free
  • Others enjoy it
  • You smile more and bigger

Funny thing about making the world a nicer place, it’s a lot like dropping a pebble in a pond…. The “Nice” just keeps on rippling out with every person in their world… then in every person on THAT person’s world. It just keeps going…

With each client I work with, they’re nicer. They make tons of other changes and, their nicer. Their spouses and children are suddenly ‘nicer’…

The same is true about each person I am nicer to…Simple :)

Thank you for joining me in the “making the world a nicer place” crusade!

Please forward this to someone you care about…

…because nice matters

…because nice matters

barney Appreciation is a simple thing really…

This week I invite you to share your appreciation, that’s all. You can share it with your spouse or your children, another relative or a friend.

Simply tell them, genuinly:

“I appreciate you because ____________”.

 Emphasis on the genuine…

 …because nice matters

…because nice matters

You know that special person you love so much?

Please tell them so today…and if there’s another you love lots, please tell them too.

And if theres 3 People!?  Holy Cow… are they lucky!  And so are you…

Just a small reminder to let those wonderful people you love so much that you love them just for being…

…because nice matters

because nice matters…A Ceremony of Beauty

 I invite you to use this beautiful Navajo Indian Prayer as a way to connect with Beauty… with your Beauty…

Perhaps even use it as a morning meditation, and evening reflection or a midday reminder of your connecting link with intent.

A Personal Ceremony

 Great Spirit May I walk in Beauty! 

So that I may be a part of the Greater Beauty.

Great Spirit, may I walk in Beauty.


May Beauty be to the left of me,

That I may receive Beauty through my inner woman.

Great Spirit may I walk in Beauty.


May Beauty be to the right of me,

That I may give Beauty through my inner man

Great Spirit may I walk in Beauty.


May Beauty be behind me,

So that the only tracks I leave are those of Beauty.

Great Spirit, may I walk in Beauty.


May I touch myself, my Life and all others with Beauty.

May I walk this Blessed Beauty Way.

Great Spirit, may I walk in Beauty.


That is what I ask. This is what I will do.

I have spoken, Ho!


The Twisted Hairs Navajo Blessed Beauty Way Prayer carries the heart of Sweet Medicine Sundance Teachings. Use it as a morning meditation, and evening reflection or a midday reminder of your connecting link with intent.


From: The Deer Tribe Merit Metis Society/The Teachings of the Twisted Hairs Elders of Turtle Island Shamanic Wheels and Keys Volume 1 page 14


Please forward this to someone you care about…

…because nice matters