…because nice matters

Knowing your value is really nice…

Did you know that simply because you are you have value?  That’s right… you are a Divine being simply because you exist! 

Now, in our culture we are told that certain things are much more valuable than others… Getting things done  is more valuable than a hug; or a big house is much more important than loving connections… To wear particular clothes, to live in a particular neighborhood, heck we are told what how to make are dogs “better” by eating certain foods and  how are teeth are “supposed” to look “good”.

It all starts when we are really young; when our parents start telling us what is important…and how to be good or bad little boys and girls… and how to grow up to be good men and women… because thats what they were taught.

Ironically, we were and are already good…in fact we are GREAT, MAGNIFICENT, BEAUTIFUL BEINGS!!!   And WE ROCK just because we are!

So Rock On you Divine Being!

…because nice matters



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