…because nice matters

“When words are both true and kind,
          they can change our world.”

Asking others how you can be nicer is nice. 

There are those times when even tho I think I’m being nice, well… maybe not so much. And even tho I notice my impact, the only way I absoutely know for sure is to ask those I care about:

“Did I say or do that in a way that felt good?”   …and then listen.

I’m always so glad when those I trust are honest and share… like a bow that needs aiming or a car that needs steering… I get to be better at being nice next time around, which is really nice…

Today and this week I invite you to ask…your beloved wife or husband, your children or parent or a close friend.

“What can I do to let you know you how much I love and appreciate you?”   …and then listen…and then do it…

Even asking is a real big deal…please try it on and give it a whirl.

…because nice matters

Please forward this to someone you care about…because nice matters


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