…because nice matters

Nice matters even when you’re really, really mad!… (especially when you’re really, really mad ūüôā )

There’s a little saying I teach people to use when they feel full of emotions…and when it’s sometimes hard to be nice.

Here’s the saying:

I love you…¬†¬† I’m sorry…¬† Please forgive me…¬† Thank you…

The saying comes from a little known Hawaiian system of healing called ho’oponopono that erases the blocks to¬†miracles.¬†Doesn’t that sound really cool!¬† Developed by¬†Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len, the saying and system¬†does assume that you are responsible for creating everything in your world…even the tough times, imagine that.

So, when you’re really really mad please¬†take a breath or three and use the saying…

because nice matters



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