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I love coaching, I’ve been at it unofficially most of my life. Certified since 2003, my clients are successful adults from around the country, most in their 50’s. Their lives are changing and they want more for their selves, something bigger, something deeper.

I spend  my weekdays teaching 4 year olds…I love it, they are a busy bunch!  It is such a joy to be among those curious, ever learning beings; a teachers dream for me and just a different type of coaching.

My Spiritual life is deep, I have included more detail at the bottom of this page. Most recently I have been an active apprentice shaman with The Deer Tribe Merit Metis society. My way of life and thinking is intregal in my work with clients. I help my clients connect with the voices of their higher selves, future selves… and often to connect with their own life force and soul.

My daily activities include focused meditation, nutritious delicious food (sometimes just plain bad food too, in moderation!), learning projects, working with children, training and playing with my dogs, Wing Tsun Kung Fu practice, some cool crime show or movie, reading, writing and intimate time with by beloved.

I’m married to magnificent woman, Connie. Our lives have woven together in such beautiful ways. We live our work and grow our love even more. We chat daily, spend times together every week, learn, love, grow and share.

Karma & Ripples

We share 3 beautiful dogs: Ripples our Portuguese Water Dog and Karma & Duke our Australian Shepards.

 Why “Truly Human” Coaching?

I believe we humans are physical beings on a spiritual journey… our purpose is to continue to grow to be the divine beings we are. We have chosen our physical existence as a path to learn particular life lessons. What are you learning? What do you want to learn? I’ve worked magic with clients since 1981 … and include such coaching work as described by Shiela Baker in her article: “How a Modern Shaman Retrieves Souls.”.

The work of a shaman today, as in the past, is to help connect the spiritual world with the mundane, to heal old wounds within, to find balance and harmony and to bring dreams from the world of spirit into our lives. By making these connections, we enjoy a creative and fruitful life, dance the dance of joy and become part of the solution of harmoniously living on Earth.

So Truly Human Coaching arose from the passion and compassion I feel for all of us, particularly the children. I dream that every child in the world feels loved, wanted and safe every single day. That would mean that all of us adults would be acting in ways that model this loving, this compassion, this integrity and responsibility for our impact.

I have great compassion for the loss of spirit and soul connection, the denial of emotions,…the denial of self that our society, culture and very existence demands of us.  I live to awaken your soul and spirit, to help you come alive and love this glorious life… for your wishes and dreams to come true.
Our very “Human-ness” depends on our connection with ourselves and others.  Every relationship we have is a reflection of the one we have with ourselves… I’ve made it my mission to help people connect with what is Truly Human in them; to love often, and to live their great life in joy, with full intention, expression and participation!

More about Jim:

What are my soul journey and life lessons? Happy to share, you’ve come this far!

I am an Enneagram Type 2 – The Helper  Other “Type Two’s” are: Mother Theresa, Desmond Tutu, Eleanor Roosevelt and Bill Cosby. The information regarding Enneagram type is tremendous, I suggest it to all who wish clarity.   My Life Lessons are related to: Love, Character, Spirituality, Emotion and I like to think Healing and Teaching. The latter was recently confirmed in my learnings through The Dear Tribe Merit Medicine Society  (http://www.dtmms.org/) and more specifically through their references to SunBear’s Native American Astrology. (http://www.starspiderdancing.net/StarSpiderDancing/ripeberries.html) A large part of our coaching together will have to do with finding your Soul’s journey and life lessons. I have a passion for effective, for what works, I always have. From my early years as an undergraduate student searching for the absolute best education to help me to help others. I found it at George Williams College: a combination direct social work/counseling psychology program. I loved it. It’s where I discovered some of the most effective theraputic models I still use today.  These early learnings include: Humanistic Psychotherapy (vis-a-vis Carl Rogers); Gestalt, NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP™), Family Therapy & Provacative Therapy. During those early years I also completed seperate certification programs in Hypnosis and Systemic Family Therapy.  I was simply having fun, learning and applying all my learning as a high level Addictions Counselor  and Family Therapist during the 1980’s.

*Ever here someone say: “Damn, here I am again!!”  You may have said it yourself.  That’s because you’re right back where you need to be to learn the lesson/s you are here to learn.

In 2003 I published my first book: Getting What You Want – The Art of Living on Purpose  Click on it, download it for free!  It’s simple, short, fun, easy to read and all about how You can create Your Great Life! It starts with our thinking, our attitude and making choices.. then there’s simple exercises for you to Get Into Action and get what you want.
And if your still not getting what you want after the book, please do write (Jim@TrulyHumanCoaching.com) or call (847-208-2268), I can help and I want to help you.
Once we step off of the merry-go-round and notice our lessons, we can take the steps and learn from our lessons, becoming more truly who we are.  Join me, let’s create your magnificent life!
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