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        Are You:

  • Having trouble communicating?

  • Frustrated, angry, at ‘wits end’?

  • Saying things you regret to those you care for most?

  • Missing something in your relationship?

  • Finding yourself in the middle of relationship conflicts?

  • Issues again and asking Why?

  • Wanting more emotional intimacy? Sexual intimacy? Spiritual Intimacy?

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  • Do you want the marriage intimacy and sexual intimacy you once had?

  • Missing the romance, walks, holding hands, intimate times together?

  • Life has taken over and you can’t find time for each other?

  • Dreams have faded, you’re beginning wonder, maybe even lose hope.

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 Building Authentic Relationships

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What is Relationship Coaching?

Relationship Coaching is the process in which a coach participates with all the individuals in the system at the same time, to consciously create powerful intentional “right relationship”. Thus, ‘right relationship’ refers to the conscious, intentional creation and maintenance of the relationship. Consciousness allows us to be aware of what is happening in a given situation. Intentionality lets us be at choice in how we respond.

Relationship Coaching focuses on what is trying to happen in the relationship. It is not about who is doing what to whom” but what is trying to happen. Within this approach is the inherent belief there is a natural unfolding and great potential in healthy relationships.

We all live in a sea of connections or “relationships” with other people, objects, nature, and our own past and future. We are impacted by and through these relationships everyday. “No person is an island. We are all part of complex systems such as families, business partnerships, communities and more.”

Relationship coaching combines Psychology, Sociology, Co-Active Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Systems Theory, Family Therapy, Emotional Intelligence (AI), Organizational Theory and Process work.

What are some fundamentals about relationships coaching?

  1. Everyone is right, at least partly: There is no ‘blame’ in relationship coaching. Everything that each person has to say is “right”. In relationship coaching we believe that there is at least 10% truth in all statements.
  2. Conscious Intention: We are conscious, healthy, resourceful human beings. We can decide how we want to live every moment of every day.
  3. Awareness: one of the primary functions of relationship coaching is helping the system be aware of itself. Once aware, the system then can decide to keep acting certain ways or not. A large part of relationship coaching is revealing of patterns to participants which creates the groundwork for the system to find the answers it needs.
  4. The relationship is the client: The relationship, what it is trying to do and become are the client. The focus of all coaching is the relationship health.
  5. Co-creation: All members of the system are valued, all voices are heard, and all opinions are valid. It is from the people in the system that the relationship is formed, consciously and with full intention of how you want your relationship to be.

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