Awakening…Our Coaching Journey

Where are you now and where do you want to go?

“The Journey”

The first part of our journey together has started. You are here, reading, thinking, curious. The next part comes after you are done reading, a sample coaching session.  This is where we explore what you want and explore our “fit” as client and coach. As we get started, we build momentum during a discovery period and get started using some of the tools below.

The Discovery:

During the discovery I invite and encourage my clients to learn their Ennegram type. The Ennegram is a valuable tool for those of us who believe we are on a spiritual journey during this physical existence.

Some information about The Enneagram:

The Enneagram is a vast and profound system for learning about yourself and others. Like any profound system, it takes a certain amount of work and time to master its subtleties and complexities. One of the helpful things about the Enneagram, however, is that it starts paying off with valuable insights as soon as you start looking into it. Because the Enneagram is so vast, the following steps may be helpful to pay attention to in order to enter into this complex body of knowledge

  1. Take the Full Enneagram Test (link above).  You will receive your results via email.
  2. Read about your top score or your top 2-3 scores (Normally one score will be higher than the others, other times you many have 2-3 ‘high’ or closely numbered high scores. I will help you interpret your results when we talk)
  3. We can all relate to each of the types. As you read your top score/s, notice which traits in general seem to fit.  I like looking at the “Healthy-Average-Unhealthy” expressions of my ‘type’, it is often the quickest behavioral comparison indicator. NOTE: #5 is the average of average…it does not mean it’s healthy, just average!
  4. In general, the average level functioning is indicative of operating form ego, its’ what most of us learn. You’re in the advanced class now, keep in mind… you’re just starting this class!
  5. For now, I recommend ignoring some of the ‘subtleties’ they talk about: wings, stress and health directions, etc… keep it simple for now, chunk it down J
  6. We’ll talk soon, it all becomes clear through its daily use…

Here are a few more tools we may use in our coaching. Browse as you like!

Tiers of emotions A comprehensive guide to our human emotions; starting from the very top right “Love” the highest emotional frequency learn what emotions you spend the most time with. Use a sample coaching session to learn more about your “tiers” of emotion.

Wheel of Time 2011 A constant request in my work is “Time”; having more, managing it, etc… Use this tool to gain perspective on how you currently use your time, then use it again to map out how you REALLY want to use your time!

Wheel of life A constant in my discovery package and client work. A common tool used by most coaches; use it assess your satisfaction in 8 major life areas. Easy & fun! Courtesy of The Coaches Training Institute.

Wheel of Relationship An excellent form of the Wheel of Life, designed specifically for relationships. Go ahead; you and your honey give it a whirl? How do you score? Courtesy of The Big Groove Coaching.

Compassion Video: A short 10 minute audio to help as an effective “time-out’ during an angry time.  Listened to for 28 days and you will build renewed compassion towards those you love…including yourself.

Coaching Packages:    Here are my general packages for Personal Life Coaching and Relationship Coaching. All coaching is tailored to the individual or couples needs and co-created prior to starting. If financing is the only issue that is stopping you from coaching, lets talk.


**The Journey is a page-by-page map of various tools I use in our coaching. It provides Personal/Spiritual insight and information about Spirit, Soul, Life Lessons, Relationship Building and Unconditionally Loving You. See the top tabs and review tools and resources my clients use during various stages of our journey together.