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 Kindness, compassion, love…Words not often associated with ‘business’ or ‘sales’.

Kindness, compassion, love…

Words always connected with relationship.


 Keynote Speeches

…because nice matters

Kindness, Compassion, Love. Words not often associated with Business, Profit and Sales
Yet…Kindness, Compassion & Love are Always associated with Relationships
…and are we not in the business of building and maintaining healthy, successful relationships?
Inspire your people to bring their heart and soul into their work. This 45-60 minute Inspirational Keynote will open up resources that are virtually untapped! Why? …because nice Does matter!

Instant Rapport

Building Rapport in 60 seconds or less!

Are you aware of the hundreds of ways you influence others outside of our own awareness? How do some people seem to ‘naturally’ feel right to you, while with others you seem to just ‘not connect’?

It’s all about rapport… Every day we shower, dress and put on our ‘social self’ to go out into the business world.

Be entertained while learning powerful tools of master hypnotists to build rapport with anyone in 60 seconds or less!

Moments of Truth

24 hours in a day; 168 hours in a week… that’s all the TIME we have.
How do you want to use your time? Think about your fondest memories, your most favorite of
times… what made those moments special? And today, what really matters to you?

AND… are you using your time to make what matters a priority?
During this 45-60 minute keynote, your audience will be immersed in a calvacade of experience to create moments that matter most to them… every day!
Tired of hiring “outside speakers” who don’t connect with you or your people?
Let Jim help! These speaking events consistently gets an astounding 98% plus satisfaction rating from attendees!
Warning: All of Jim’s keynotes and training programs are fun and interactive. Side effects may include increased optimism, increased productivity, much more smiling, a joy for life and learning how to create much more fun everyday!


 Available Workshops!

Introduction to NLP: The Structure of Subjective Experience

In this introductory NLP™ workshop you will learn the NLP™ model of subjective experience and many NLP™ tools that have led to the unlimited success of thousands, including:

The NLP™ model of subjective experience
How to use your physiology to change your emotional state
How to calibrate others internal states for optimal rapport
How to catapult your communication by identifying particulars in everyday language patterns
….and have all your NLP™ questions answered!

NLP and the Structure of Beliefs

Beliefs are generalizations we humans create about causes, meaning and boundaries in the world we live in. They are in fact our map, our reality.

*Working with beliefs is often at the core of significant life change work*

In this two day workshop:

Learn the structure of how humans create beliefs
Explore and challenge some of your own limiting beliefs
Learn how to identify belief structures in others
Learn how to overcome limiting beliefs
Learn specific language patterns that support limiting beliefs
Learn to create beliefs that empower and attract you

NLP Fundamentals

-Gain basic skills and knowledge of NLP; learn the power of unconscious rapport; gain varied perspectives on situations to provide new insights and solutions; improve your ability to gain rapport and influence; understand the power of language and how we create meaning in our lives. This is a 2 day introduction to the magic of NLP.

Communication Excellence

-An outstanding course to learn the fundamentals of excellence in communication, rapport and influence. This is a 2 day course allowing participants to master communication in the precise areas in their lives which mean the most. Learn to create states in yourself and others and how to master the art of rapport. 

Influencing with Integrity

Learn to influence others through others gently and with full integrity. In this highly participative workshop learn the subtleties of unconscious rapport and influence while being in full integrity. Learn how to use your genuine desire to build great relationships to create to catapult your ability to join and connect with others. .. Offered as a 3 hour introduction and an advance 2 day workshop.

Meta Model: Language Patterns

-Learn precision language techniques, master the art of inquiry and how to gain information that you never thought possible. Designed specifically for the professional communicator who depends on accurate information to get results and achieve outcomes. Learn to avoid common language and inquiry pitfalls, gain insight into the overall process as well as the details needed for precision language. 

The Language of Influence-Hypnotic Language Patterns

-Learn the language patterns that started a revolution in the way professional communicators get remarkable results! Learn how to use hypnotic language patterns of the masters, get results through normal conversational, designed for sales, and service professionals, managers and leaders alike. If you desire a command of effective language and work with people in any manner, this workshop is for you.



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