Great Teachers by Meiji Stewart

Great Teachers 

 Awaken hearts and minds. Believe in Possibilities. Challenge you to soar. Dare to care. Enlighten and empower. Foster love and laughter. Get parents involved. Help you do for yourself. Invite and encourage questions. Joyfully embrace diversity. Keep an open mind. Look to catch you doing good. Motivate with compassion. Never give up on you. Open doors to new worlds. Provide a sense of belonging. Quest to make learning fun. Remember what it is like to be you. Stimulate creative self-expression. Take time to explain things. Uncover talents and abilities. Value everyone’s feelings and needs. Welcome mistakes as learning opportunities. Xplore, xperiement and lead by example. Yearn to connect not correct. Zest to build a better world.

…because we are all teachers & we are all students, and-

…because nice matters

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