Key Concepts About Emotions

Key Concepts about Emotions

      Emotions get a bad rap… I remember as a boy… the more popular emotions were rewarded with smiles, pats on the head, gifts, food…  and the “bad” ones… well… there was a whole list of them that I was either supposed to feel “differently” or it was taboo to have them at all… 

We’re told all kinds of strange things about emotions; that it really doesn’t matter to feel them, they can be ignored, that you’re weak if you show too much emotion, that some are even dangerous.

Here’s a short list, which stories are familiar to you?

Careful, you’ll get lost in these emotions. They normally need to be controlled and some can be dangerous.

Anger, Sadness, Worry Fear, Envy, Jealousy, Passion, Eagerness, Enthusiasm

And then there’s a bunch which some of us (you?) were told we couldn’t have at all, here’s a short list: Hatred, Violence, Revenge, Fury, Pessimism, Pity, Worry


Emotions are our human barometer…they are natural parts of our being providing us with a wealth of information…all the time…every moment of every day… if we attend to them.

Here are a few facts about emotions:

Emotions are integrated thought and feeling. (you can’t have one without the other!)  They are frequencies of vibration that are expansive, transitional or restrictive.  THEY ARE NOT inherently good or bad, they just are. People often mistaking connect how people “act” (behavior) with the emotion…big difference.

Since emotions are simply frequencies of vibration, they don’t mean anything about “who you are”, your mental health, your personal value or “goodness” as a human being. Just because one feels hate at times, doesn’t mean they’re a ‘bad’ person… despite what most of our mothers told us.

 As a personal coach I work with all of my clients on their emotional health and emotional freedom, because in the bigger scheme of things, authentic emotions are our path to our truer self!  We are taught at a young age to deny many emotions, this immediately begins to stifle our humanness and halts our spiritual growth. Awareness and unconditional acceptance are the first steps; reducing and eliminating the negative voices leading to you being 100% responsible for all your emotions and choosing the ones that empower you.

 This summer/spring I’m offering a series of workshops to help you and those you love to feel, to understand emotions, their huge role in your life. And even more important, you will learn how to have empowering emotions that radiate the energy of who you want to be.

 Having some difficulty with an emotional issue? Interested i the Emotional Freedom Classes?  Contact for help now.

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