…because nice matters

Just for today: Speak only about things you enjoy… (just one day!)

*When we speak we are releasing vibrational energies formed in our thoughts. Instead of complaining about the co-worker that gets on your nerves, a spouse who “drives you nuts”, or even about traffic focus instead about the things you have or are enjoying!  Speak instead about the fulfilling full work schedule, a loving spouse, the magesty of nature or your very cool clothes :).


Because nice matters 🙂


One thought on “…because nice matters

  1. I like this idea Jim. I have often had problems with people who are “nice.” This is because they are not authentically nice. Nice on the surface and seething underneath. Yet what it seems you are getting to here is looking for the places where gratitude, kindness and other similar feelings and awarenesses exist and bringing those to the surface to share. To spread the cheer! So much evidence that speaking and thinking in positive terms impacts consciousness in positive ways. YES! Thank you for putting this out there.

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