Making the World a Nicer Place…because nice matters: The Blog

          Who is someone you really like a lot? Or perhaps even love a lot?

I invite you to take a moment, right now and write them a short note, email, text or even a phone call. (or, make a note on your Big Important To-Do list to contact them today!).  Let this person know, you thought about them (cuz you did) and how much you really like and/or love them.

Really, it will just take a moment… and OH will you be glad! 



PS: More about the blog


     Making the world a nicer place… it just seems like a good idea.  As a coach I ask often ask folks: “What is the impact you are having on the world?”  Because in some way or another, You, YES YOU have, are and will have an impact on the world. Every single moment of every single day.

     Some time ago I “knew” that I wanted to help to make the world a nicer place. I just didn’t know I “knew” it.

Have you ever had an idea, or perhaps you were missing that ‘thing’ that can bring things together? Well, this is one of mine; and I am THRILLED to be sharing it with you.

Here’s why:

It’s free

It’s ALL ABOUT how to be nicer. 

Hold on: I’m not saying you are not nice… not at all!  You, each and all of you are likely some of the nicest people in the world!  Well, lot’s of you anyway!  And if so, you’ll welcome a daily reminder of how to be nice to someone you love. Sometimes it might even be yourself.

So, today is day 1. My suggestion is above. Expect a new one each day. Then, once you notice how powerful some of these suggestions are, you will want to share this with others.

Funny thing about making the world a nicer place:  With each client I work with, they’re nicer. They make tons of other changes and, their nicer. Their children then are ‘nicer’…because children model what they see and experience… even if it’s different than what we parents say.  The same is true about each person I am nicer to…they pass it on. Simple 🙂

Thank you in joining me in the “making the world a nicer place” crusade! Tally Ho!

Oh, for those of you with WAY Bigger Dreams, we can shoot for making the world  more beautiful, more magestic… well, simply glorious will work to.


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