NLP™ notes… NLP™ Presupposition #1

 1. The map is not the territory.

The word is not the thing, we are always operating out of our models of the world, and our perceptions are our reality. This phrase originated from the work of Alfred Korzybski in the field of General Semantics.


 NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP™) is the study of subjective experience and modeling of behavioral excellence… To learn more about the hidden powers of NLP™ or watch a short video, click on the “Personalized NLP™ Training” tab and enjoy!

The fundamental presuppositions of NLP™ form the basis of operating assumptions from which the attitudes and techniques of NLP™ are built. They provide both a framework and an operational base for thinking which create the attitude and mindset facilitates the effectiveness of NLP™.


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