4 – Your Relationships

“Sharing the Journey”

Personal Coaching is very personal and spiritual journey.  You are exploring and changing beliefs which have been outside your level of consciousness; Way to GO!  What you learn, how you apply it, the changes you will be making will have an effect on those around you. 

Your changes will ‘bump up against’ those closest to you, it is important to include them in our work!

Those closest to you will be living with the changes you are making; they will be part of the process simply by their proximity to you!  Part of our design will focus on how you intentionally include them in the change process.  As we work together, you will come to know that it is ultimately up to you to be intentional about how you create your life, including how you create it with others.

Here area a few articles that will help you identify some ‘relationship issues that have been perpetuated in our culture.  Please take some time to read them…they are area’s you may want to include in our coaching. 

Relationship Articles

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Secret Selves and Triggers: Having reactions are normal, failing to do something about them is choice. Our reactions are our own, not the fault or blame of anyone outside ourselves. This article normalizes the notion of ‘triggers and buttons’ and points toward a solution. My coaching has a strong theme of honoring ALL parts of ourself; this article discusses this along with personal responsibility. Courtesy of The Center for Right Relationship.

Shares-Questions-Requests: An excellent outline to structure difficult conversations. A couple coaching call to rehearse these skills is highly recommended.

Wheel of Relationship: An excellent form of the Wheel of Life, designed specifically for relationships. Go ahead; you and your honey give it a whirl? How do you score? Courtesy of The Big Groove Coaching.